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First, I want to say thank you quickly for believing in me, I sincerely hope you will find this post useful and if you follow my instruction; I see no reason for you not to make $1,000/day with my system. The problem most of you have is that you want to make money online but you don’t want to act on what you have gotten. I have made at least $27,500 ever since I got the secret ( 35days ago)  and it’s very easy to do.

I know what you'll be thinking now, most of you will still be like the doubting ''THOMAS'', asking: is this for REAL?? How true is it???  Don't worry after this post i'll upload my earnings screenshot for you to confirm and know that i'm not blabbing.. ''Just count your self EXTREMELY Lucky for visiting my Blog Today..


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6.)You Must Download Software To ensure that You are actually using the product if you have your personal computer  upload all the document and files on your computer for back up or YOU WILL NOT GET PAID.

After you finished downloading install it on your computer.

Click on livedrive icon on your computer task bar and click on login with your email address and password you used to sign up.

After all this make sure that you send me your invoice number and the login details e.g. username(email id) and the password to my EMAIL ADDRESS: I will complete all the necessary things i need  and give you your money making system link and trick. This is the first stage that you must do before you graduate to the next level of making money.....


Note:- If you don’t have a laptop you can also do this in a cyber café ok, this should not stop you from making money.
I want to see the serious ones that is why you have to send me all your details before I can release the final method that will guide you on how to make at least $1000 everyday without doing or promoting it following this system. 

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Finding your niche

Most people find it difficult in  finding a particular market niche, so that's the major reason i came up with this topic today. First things first, let's examine how you can evaluate your niche opportunities.

Evaluating your niche opportunity :

Two of the most critical indices you can use are technical and market viability analysis, you need to ask and answer a simple question: Can your scheme be produced using the ideas and technologies available now? If it's not technically feasible presently, perhaps you could commision a research on how  to solve this problem.

Having found out that the scheme is technically viable, you should then go ahead and establish its market viability. In market viability, you want to determine whether you can turn a good profit from surveying this product or service. You know that a good way to elicit this information is to do a feasibility study/business plan, don't you? If the product is not economically viable, either in the short or long run, please set it aside.
 While at your feasibility study it's important that you gauge how high or low the barrier to new entrants is. If the barrier to new entrants is very low, then the business is not going to be profitable in the long run. We'll get back to this point in a moment.
You might wonder, even if the barrier to entry is high, won't large established corporations in that industry step in with their deep pockets and wipe you out?

Leaders in the old are always the last to embrace the new

The above is a valid observation but experience disproves it. If you study corporate history in the last 150 years, you'll agree that leaders in the old industry are always the last to embrace the new.
The railroad ownerrs in America ignored air travel to their peril. The same thing happened with American cinemas owners: they scorned emerging TV media.
In April 2007 then Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer proclaimed that "There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share." Six years later we are in 2013 and the iPhone has captured 42 percent of U.S. smarthphone market share and 13.1 percent worldwide, making Apple the second most valuable company in the world.

Add Value

Let's return to the issue of barrier to entry in your new niche. Beyond start-up capital, how else can you increase the barrier for new entrants? By adding value.
Another important reason why you should tie your more valuable skills and competencies to your newly discovered niche is that you can earn a higher return on those commercial offerings that you've implanted more value.
Dear new convert to niche marketing, how do you want to proceed from here? I suggest that you (i) start researching something (ii) pay attention to your environment, and finally develop your new skills.
Keep your dreams alive.

How to make money online

With the Growing popularity of the internet, one question that has been central to most of the messages I have received via Short Message Service and emails is: How to make money online? Truth is, making money online has become a hot topic globally. In line with this trend, therefore, the Ministry of Communications Technology has recently inaugurated the Naijacloud project with the primary objective of creating awareness about online work opportunities for millions of unemployed Nigerian youths.

 This has simply given credence to the fact even the Nigerian Government is eager to provive online jobs for its citizens. My experience in making money online dates back to 2006, and since then, I have learnt a lot and have been involved in various kinds of online business ventures. I will mention a few of them to serve as a guide where relevant.


  • Take your business online
When people ask me about making money online, I simply ask them if they already had a business. If the answer is yes, I advise them to go online. This is one of the fastest ways to make money online. Taking your business online is nothing other than developing a simple website with e-commerce capabilities such that a potential client can visit and place orders for your products or services.

  • Sell a product or offer a service
This is closely related to the firstpoint discussed above. You can never make money online if you do not have a product or service that someone, somewhere is willing to pay for. So, create a new product and take it online. How about your services? That too can be unbundled and offered cheaply online. For instance, it may be wise as a legal practitioner to break down the services you offer and place on your website so as to attract Small and Medium Enterprises that usually regard legal services as something only big businesses can afford

One of the goals of the Nairotech is to help you start and run a successful blog using one of the world's most popular blogging Website- Blogger.
For me, the decision to start a professional blog came up four years ago and has really helped me tremendously. Besides the little money I make from advertisements on my blog, there is also an opportunity to make money as an affiliate of other services or products. Most importantly, owning a blog has helped me win big offline consulting gigs and speaking opportunities that I might ordinarily not have been properly positioned for.

An increasing number of Nigerians ( I know a few) have jumped on the online freelancing bandwagon and they are truly making ends meet.
Online freelancing is huge at the moment and countries like India is a testimony to  that fact. It is possible to make money online. A number of dervice-based professionals will readily find someone online willing to pay for their services once they are convinced of the value.

A number of people have got their fingers burnt in forex trading, including yours truly, but this is not to say that it does not work. I think what has happened to the majority of people who must have had some sort of negative experiences is the fact that we allowed greed to take control. I have a highly contented friend who still makes money from forex, but a number of forex gurus will consider him a ''mugu'' if they hear he is satisfied with the little he makes.

I have just given you few layed down tips on money making online, you can now add yours using the comment box because my blood is already rushing to hear what you have to say or contribute.. With this medium, we can learn better and exploit other ways of making money online.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way stating that any of these are sure-proof, but they might be worth looking into as a means of making profit from your internet presence.
The most important piece of advice is for you to get involved in something you love and have fun doing...


You crave to start your online venture? If yes,  then do you think you can be a florishing online venture owner? Yes you can, as I know this for sure. But why MUST you start your own business? The logic why you must start your own online business is also the reason why most folks don't start any business venture.

If you know why you should start your own online business, then how to start will be easy. Every one of us cannot work for someone but every one of us can own a second source of income. The secret of the rich and wealthy is based on several streams of income. While the poor work for money, the rich uses their money to work for them.


Now let me explain this: If you work in a company and keep working for your monthly pay cheque, you are working for money since you work to earn it. Now if you run your own business, you are using your money to work for you. This is because you can employ others to work for you and you pay them for carrying out their duties for you.

The simple reasons why you need to start your own online business is to have financial freedom, work at any time you want to, be in control of your passion, ideas or expertise, and make much more than you earn monthly. The biggest is to be fulfilled in your vision. It will remove you from the craze for 8am to 6pm job syndrome. It will give you the time to be with your family and meet your family's financial and moral obligations and responsibilities too.

You see, no body plans your future for you more than yourself. The action you put today determines your success for tomorrow and the success of your entire family and so you must take the bull by the horn today. So even if you are gainfully and successfully employed, still put it at the back of your mind that you also need a second income.
 As I consult daily, I have seen managers and other group of people who were sitting on the comfort zone with great job portfolio got into financial crisis due to the bank and other financial institution's recapitalization policy (for example) which affected their banks. Most had the opportunity of establishing a second or third income but never did. Today, they are without employment and without a business to fall back to. One of them actually came to me and explained how he had gone through crisis since the unexpected folding of the bank he had worked with. He was a manager with computers and Internet in his office but he never felt that he should know how to use them to his advantage. Today, for desperation, he had to learn it paying large chunk and not thoroughly as it was supposed to be since he was desperate.

One advert that has impressed me is an advert by a GSM Company, which says "Big things Start Small, Start Something today". And to add to it, a renowned writer and author, Rev, Albert Aina, A Pastor with Four Square Gospel Church, in his book, "How To Make Your First Million" said "There are no big Shots Anywhere. Big shots are small shots that keep shooting".  95% of the working class are working to earn a living while the 5% that are classified in the millionaire league are working to earn for living. You must start your own business to be in that league.
And one of such way is to start your own business from home. Those who work in the banks had always reminded me that "there are bank workers and there are bankers". They often joke with me that bankers are the ones who own the bank and that the workers work for bankers. Therefore, the only reason you must start your own business today is to start

How to Get Your Own Visa Card Here in Nigeria within 24 hours

Are you aware that you can get your own Visa card here in Nigeria within 24 hours without really going through all the account opening and looking for someone to reference you(as your arbitrator) .
If you are looking for a Visa card to use online for your transaction, I will prefer you should use Zenith Bank Buxz Card.
Zenith bank Buxz Card is a visa card offered by Interswitch through Zenith Bank. Just move into any of the Zenith Bank Branch and inform them that you want to buy their Buxz Credit card.

Zenith Bank VisaCard


Utility Bill: PHCN/NEPA, Water bill etc.
Minimum of $120 USD
3 Passport photo.
A Driver’s licence, National ID Card or International Passport.

How to Get Your Own Visa Card Here in Nigeria within 24 hours

Zenith Bank Buxz card frequently comes with $100 Pre loaded inside. You can order for Zenith Buxz card by paying $120 dollars Zenith bank and they will issue you the card at once with an account number you will be using in Funding the card.. The credit card can only be funded through any of the Zenith Bank across the country.

So if you are still looking for a proficient and well trusted Visa Credit card inside 9ja, try Zenith Bank Buxz card.

How to make money Uploading and Sharing Videos On Youtube

A couple of days ago a friend wrote a post talking about some British parents who published a 57-second video of their children on YouTube and ended up making over $150,000 from that video alone.
Most people who left a comment wanted to get more information on how to make money on YouTube, so I decided to write a follow-up post about it.
In a nutshell you make money on YouTube by becoming a YouTube partner, which allows you to display ads on your videos, and then you earn a percentage of the revenues generated by clicks on those ads, much like with AdSense. As for how much money you can actually make, I heard numbers anywhere from $3 up to $10 per 1,000 video views.
However, the process of becoming a YouTube partner is not as trivial as becoming an AdSense publisher. Below you’ll find the basic steps you need to go through:

How to make money Uploading and Sharing Videos On Youtube

1. Make Sure You Have an AdSense Account

While the process to be able to display ads on your YouTube videos is a separate one, your earnings and stats will go together with your AdSense account, so you need to have one.
In theory you could apply to become a YouTube partner before having an AdSense account, and in case you get accepted you would then follow up with an AdSense application. I believe the other way around is much simpler, though.

2. Grow Your Audience on YouTube

One of the most important criteria the YouTube guys will use to evaluate your application is the audience you reach on YouTube. They don’t reveal what are the requirements, but I’ve seen many people say these are the ballpark numbers you need to have before getting accepted:
  • at least 1,000 subscribers
  • at least 1,000 views on all your videos
  • at least 10,000 channel views
These are the very minimum though, if you want to make sure you’ll get accepted I would aim for 5,000 subscribers, 50,000 channel views and over 1,000,000 upload views total.

3. Get Videos Out There Regularly

If you only have one or two videos uploaded your chances of getting accepted are low, even if those videos went viral. That’s because YouTube is looking for people who are planning to work with them over the long term.
The more regularly and frequently you upload new videos, the better. For instance, someone who uploads a new video every day will have a better chance of getting accepted than someone who uploads one every couple of weeks.
You also want to make sure you have at least 100 uploaded videos before applying to become a partner (though some people say 50 will be enough).

4. Develop A Brand Around Your Videos

This step is not essential, but I think it helps a lot on getting approve. You need to remember that, once you meet the technical guidelines, it will be a person on the other site deciding on whether you are a good fit for becoming a YouTube Partner or not. In other words, the more professional you look the higher your chances.
Practical tips include:
  • Create a website to host your videos and give your audience more ways to interact
  • Create a nice logo and use it everywhere
  • Use a watermark on your videos with your logo
  • Consider getting a professional intro made for your videos
  • Customize your YouTube channel to make it look professional

5. Make Sure Your Content Has Zero Copyrighted Material

If there’s one thing that will get your application rejected on the spot is copyright infringement, so make sure you have zero copyrighted material on your videos.
This includes images, graphics, logos, video clips and audio. For instance, even just using a music on the background which you don’t have permission to could get your application rejected.

6. Apply to Become a YouTube Partner

After you followed all the previous steps you are ready to apply. You can do that via the official YouTube Partner Program page. It might take a while to get your application considered due to the load of people applying, but once you get accepted you’ll be able to start displaying ads on your videos right away.

Please, let me know if you like this post so i can post something similar to this..Thanks

Dangote Now 25th Richest Man In The World - NAIROTECH

Nigerian billionaire and Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote has scored yet another first. This time, he has been named the Africa’s first $20 billion man, thus becoming one of the top 25 richest men in the world.
Dangote, the President/Chief Executive of the pan-African conglomerate, the Dangote Group, has become the first African entrepreneur to lay claim to a $20 billion fortune as the stock value of the flagship of his holding, Dangote Cement, leaped just about three-fourths since March, when Forbes last released its annual ranking of the world’s richest people.
With a current market cap of $20.5 billion, Dangote Cement becomes the first Nigerian company to achieve a market capitalization of over $20 billion.
The world renowned business and financial intelligence news magazine, the Forbes has reported that Dangote’s 93 per cent stake in the cement company is now worth $19.5 billion.
Added to this are his controlling stakes in other publicly-listed companies like Dangote Sugar and National Salt Company of Nigeria and his significant shareholdings in other blue-chips like Zenith Bank, UBA Group and Dangote Flour; his extensive real estate portfolio, jets, yachts and current cash position, which includes more than $300 million in recently awarded Dangote Cement, Dangote is now worth more than $20 billion.
To put in the right context, the Forbes reported that the Nigerian billionaire is now among the top 25 richest people in the world. With his fortune, Dangote is richer than Russia’s richest man,Alisher Usmanov, richer than India’s Lakshmi Mittal and running neck and neck with India’sMukesh Ambani. He is catching up to such Americans as Google’s billionaire founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
It would be recalled that Dangote Cement had recorded an unprecedented surge in its share price largely due to market response to the company’s impressive results in the first quarter of this year.
The cement manufacturer’s unaudited results for the three months ending March 31 had showed that the company’s pre-tax profit rose to $339 million, representing an 80.6% increase from last year and a strong indicator of the company’s future earning potential. The results also indicate a 79.5 % rise in its earnings per share over the corresponding period last year.
Carl Franklin, Dangote Cement’s Head of Investor Relations in the U.K was quoted to have explained the Company’s share boost, in an email response to Forbes that in the first quarter of 2013, the company had a huge increase in demand across Nigeria, gas supply improved considerably and the capacity was much more ramped up.
“So Q1 was the first sign of just how profitable we can be in Nigeria. The amazing thing is that 66% of our gas-fired production in Q1 was done at 84% gas. Imagine what would happen to margins if we did the same amount at 95%. This has given investors a good sense of what we can really do when everything goes in the right direction,” Franklin said.
“It’s certainly a landmark for a Nigerian company and we’re proud to be the first to achieve it. Obviously we are focusing on building long-term and sustainable value for shareholders through our investments in Nigeria and Africa. Nigeria is a very entrepreneurial country and I can assure you that other companies will follow us in achieving this.”
Forbes in its report reasoned that other companies might eventually achieve this, but it’s going to take a bit of time. Dangote Cement currently accounts for more than a quarter of the total market capitalization of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The second largest company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) is currently Nigerian Breweries, West Africa’s largest manufacturer of Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The company has a market cap of $8.5 billion.
Dangote debuted on the Forbes billionaires list in 2008 with a fortune pegged at $3.3 billion. His fortune dropped to $2.5 billion in 2009 and plunged further to $2.1 billion in 2010. His fortune surged 557% in 2011 to $13.8 billion after he took Dangote Cement public. He dropped to $11.2 billion in last year’s rankings, but rebounded at $16.1 billion this year. Since March, his fortune has jumped another 30%.
Dangote started building his fortune over three decades ago after taking a loan from Sanusi Dantata and started trading in commodities like flour, sugar and cement.
He became a billionaire after delving into manufacturing these items. He started making pasta, salt, sugar and flour in 1997. But he found his gold mine in cement, when he was awarded a government’s state owned cement business in 2000 and began building his own plant in 2003. He listed Dangote Cement in 2010.
Today, it is Africa’s largest cement company providing cement to Nigeria and other African countries that otherwise would likely have to pay to import much of the materials.

The Forbes believes that Dangote still has bigger ambitions. He reportedly told Forbes Wealth Editor Luisa Kroll at Davos in 2011 that he expected his firm to have a market cap of $60 billion within five years. At $20.5 billion, Dangote Cement still has a long way to go to live up to that dream, and while it is quite unlikely that Dangote Cement could hit a $60 billion Market Cap by 2016, don’t write it off as ‘impossible’. With Dangote, you never know.


A large number of people work from home and you can still do it. In most cases, first time entrepreneurs find it easier to start from home until it blossoms into a big business. Home businesses are increasingly becoming the order of the day globally. And so you should imbibe it in your lifestyle. Even if you are a woman, getting yourself a business from home and meeting up some financial needs becomes very important to augment and possibly take the financial responsibility in case the man goes out of job. I have personally experienced a couple's case where a husband had always kicked against his wife working. The wife was later to convince the husband the need for her to learn Bead making and Tie & Dye (Adire) Craft, which later blossomed into a big business. The husband was later to lose his job and saw him and the home being sustained by the wife with income from her business. I have made clearly 21 Businesses you can start from your home, kitchen or lobby and start making millions of Naira from, while taking care of your kids at home even if you are a man or woman.

1. Bead Making:
Making Beads is one good way to Make Money from home. This is a business anyone can start from home in days. All you need is less than N10,000 and you run it from your home. Buy all the accessories needed such as pliers and beads of various types, learn how to make bead from an expert trainer and start making it yourself. You can start supplying your beads from your home, to friends and relatives as well as people in your church and neighborhood. You can run this from your parlour or bedroom or your balcony.

2. Tie and Dye (Adire):
This has a good potential and any woman or man can start it with less than N10,000. You can start it from your kitchen by getting all the chemicals, buy the clothes and start making it and supplying. You can start marketing your finished clothes to neighbors, friends, and relatives and in churches. You can have people or clients you can supply too or still take it to the market place. This has a good potential as you can export it abroad too.

3. Soap Making:
Because every day, people must clean their homes, offices, wash their clothes and plates, you name it, therefore, there is a very viable potential in soap making business. And you can start this from your home. Make both liquid and bar soaps for your personal use first and go commercial with it. How do you start with this? Learn the trade, start making for your home first and perfect it. Make for friends for test and advice. After then make and supply to your neighborhood stores, friends and relatives until you go fully commercial.

4. Hair Weaving:
Women would weave their hair. Female School children will weave their hair weekly. And so you can start running a weaving service from your home for women and female children. You can render an at-their-home-service where you visit their homes and weave their hair once they call you on phone or you must have already agreed for a particular day of the week when you will be at a particular client's home or when they will be at your own home to make their hair.

5. Business Brokerage:
Business brokerage is a very viable business. People are looking for what to buy and don't know where to buy it. People are also having items and are looking for whom to buy them. For example, if someone wants to sell a used car, you can locate who is looking for a used car to buy and broker the sale. In brokerage, you will have to bring the buyer and seller together and make your commission from sale.

6. Event Management:
Each weekend, there are weddings and various parties of all kind. There are political gatherings, house warming, burials etc. These people may not have the time to arrange and organize these events and so you can come in as an event manager. An event manager manages event. You will be the one to arrange for buses that will convey people to the venue of the event, arrange for the drinks, foods, decorations etc. If it is a wedding event, then you will take up the contract to arrange for the decoration, MC, Venue etc. You are paid to do all of this on contract basis.

7. Ice Block Making and supply:
We all use fridges at home. And we know these days there are no stable power supply from the almighty PHCN. Also, people holding parties need to have their drinks and other stuffs preserved to be cold. Turn your fridge in the house to money by making ice blocks and selling to your neighborhood, and supplying to parties. Start this today and soonest you will be known as being the one running it. You will make unending income from this daily

8. Training and Workshop:
Training and workshop is one steady area for anyone to make money from his/her ideas, expertise, hobby etc. If you know how to make soap, adire, how to tie gele, how to make money with stock investment, etc, then turn it into a seminar or workshop where you can teach people on how to do it. I teach people how to make money on the Internet and how to start and run their business and I make money with it. All you have to do here is to advertise your training with any newspaper or magazine such as "Start Your Own Business Magazine" with a budget of N6.000 and then rent a hall and teach your attendees. You will be surprised that you can make at least N100, 000.00 in two hours. What you need is your phone number where would be attendees will call you on phone as well as your website.

9. Counseling/Advice:
If you know how to counsel people for good, then you can turn it into cash. You can run a business of counseling and advice agency. If for example you advise couples on how to have a healthy relationship for free, then you can do this for money. You can advice people on best ways to get their visa, how to face interviews, how to invest in stock, how to make money etc

10. Knotting of Tie :
This is one area that people have undermined yet, there is big money from this business. A lot of corporate people don't know how to knot their ties and so keep it on the wardrobe once their ties have been knotted. You can make money here from home knotting ties for people on weekly basis and also by teaching them how to knot their ties on their own. You can charge free for one-on-one training.

11. Tying Gele :
This is also one area that is a great money spinner. You see, women tie gele to Churches on Sundays, occasions and to parties every weekend. And most of them don't know how to tie gele the right way. You can make money from home by tying gele for women and also teaching them how to tie gele on their own.

12. Mobile Food Vendor :
There are eateries people can go and eat. Yes, but people must leave their offices to eat in these eateries. Besides, some people will prefer African menu. You can start your business from your home making these foods and packaging them and supplying directly to office workers. They will be happy to see you supply them at their offices and you will start building your client base once you start this. This will be very viable in an office area. All they need to have is your phone number and you also have their phone number to call them and ask them the type of menu they want and when they want it.

13 Thrift Collector :
As thrift collector, you will have to collect daily or weekly contributions from your clients. You can target market women, small business owners and artisans who you visit daily and collect a particular amount of contribution and you save the money on their behalf in your bank account. What you need to have here is your card to keep their record of payment. Here you make money by taking a commission on each contribution. What you need to start is just your registration with CAC, and printing of Membership Record Cards.

14. Beautician/Makeup Artiste:
As a beautician or makeup artiste, you can start dressing artiste and making up people who want to look fine for any occasion for a fee. You can have some on contract basis in which case, you are permanently paid every month and you render your service as and when due.

15. Article Writing:
If you know how to write or have flare for writing, then you could convert it into cash. What you need to do here is to write for magazines who are looking for unique writers in a particular niche or field. If you "know about medicine, then you can write for magazines, online magazines, journals etc for money. You can also run your personal newsletter or journal and write and sell it for money. You can do this locally or globally. Locally, you will need to contact local magazines and newspaper. Globally, you can set up a blog site and start making money with it and you are paid monthly cheques.

16. International Survey:
Companies are ready and interested in. knowing what the perception of their product is and are ready to compensate you for your opinion on their products or services. Some will give gifts while some will give money for this. You can visit the Internet and take online surveys and be paid. You see, there are surveys for Nigerians and there are surveys for other countries. And let me stress this, I have seen a lot of people who pay money to companies to take survey and this is wrong. Let us assume this: If MTN Nigeria want to have your opinion on usage of their network in Nigeria, logic will tell you that they won't ask you to pay money, instead, you will be compensated with credit for your time. Just go online and type "international paid survey" and sign up with them and start taking survey. Note also that surveys that will be given to you will depend on what your background is.

17. Proof Reading:
Proofreading is one of the easiest ways to make money from home with little capital to establish. People who have written their books, their web site content are looking for proofreaders who would proofread and correct their tenses and sentences to be professionally ok for reading. All you need here is just your call cards and advertising on classified ads for your services.

18. Phone Call and Card Sales:
You can establish phone call services and make call from home. You can turn your GSM to a paid phone call and make money from home. You can also start selling recharge cards from your home at a profit.

19. Promotional Items:
A lot of businesses love those catchy little items (pens, key, rings, etc) that feature the company's name on them. Entrepreneurs have discovered that customers like them even more. You can start a business taking orders for these goods and selling them to businesses in your area. Hook up with an advertising specialty that can fulfill the orders for you and you will be on your way to wealth.

20. Apartment Preparers:
The truth is that people who rent apartment or homes could damage the premises or leave them in a rather unkempt state. You can start a business from home by coming to prepare the apartment to fit the next tenant by rendering services in the area of cleaning and straightening up to painting, furniture refinishing and more. Your charge should be hourly in order for you to make good money out of these services.

21. Home Crèche:
Because of the nature of cities like Lagos, Abuja etc not all family have the time to take care of their children since they work. They have to contend with both work and family life and there is pressure at all time. You can establish a crèche from your home where they bring their children and you look after them and teach them until their parents return from work.

9 ways you can Make Money on Facebook

Making Money from Social Networking Sites Is Quite Easy If We Know or we're are been guided on how to go about it. Most Bloggers make real cash mostly from Social Networking Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest e.t.c... It's Not a New Story that you and me can Generate Real Income from Facebook but for the sakes of people that still don't know how.. We had to compile 9 easy ways to make money on Facebook... Read On...


1. Market Your Own Products If you decide to market a product or service, be sure it is something you stand by and that it resonates with you personally. First, and foremost, Facebook is a social networking platform. If you are selling products that don't appear to resonate with your profile or your mission in life, people will quickly spot you as a marketer and you will not get many people wanting to be your friends. The key is to always market products that you believe in and that   a difference in other people's lives. That way, when they see who is selling an item, it won't reflect badly on you and your Facebook profile. On the Internet you can market your own products at a fraction of the cost it would take to promote them physically from one retail store or outlet to another. Examples of products that do very well on the Internet are virtual products like reports, ebooks, music downloads, photographic content, and anything that you can sell in electronic format that might appeal to someone viewing it online. These products are usually referred to as “info-products.” The nice thing about info-products is that they lend themselves very well to low overhead costs. You can produce one product and it takes no effort to create multiple copies and have them delivered automatically through autoresponders. Your sales cycle is very short and your costs are minimal. You can also market physical products that you deliver in your geographical area or through postal mail. Of course, this takes a lot more effort and you would have to include shipping costs to the price of your product to be able to make a profit. You can even choose to offer your products in several different formats. For instance, maybe some people want the electronic download and others want a physical book.You can offer them a variety of different formats and pricing to find one that suits them. Multilevel marketing can also be done on the Internet and Facebook. If you've found a product that you want to market, then you don't necessarily have to own the rights to produce it, just the rights to distribute it. And,you might find it easier to recruit people in your down line using Facebook.

2.Use Affiliate Marketing :
You can also do affiliate marketing online. This is where someone else pays you to sell their products for them. The commission you receive on the sale will depend on the affiliate offer you are promoting. In some cases, you can get up to 50% of the sale, if you pick the right offers. Here again, you should pick things that resonate with your profile in Facebook. Affiliate marketing links could end up cluttering your profile page, if you included them as website links, and probably people wouldn't appreciate them. So, affiliate marketing on Facebook can be a little tricky. You should be a little stingy with the number of affiliate links you post on your profile or within your status line. This is an area you can update daily with new offers, but if you do it too much, you will turn off people who come to view your profile.
You should also want to start to build a demographic section of people on your email list who are already in your sales funnel from your contacts on Facebook. Once they opt-in to your email list, you can start to contact them about your affiliate offers off the Facebook platform. This means that you might have to also set up some ads within Facebook to generate the cross-section of people that you want to market to. Or, you might start them into your sales funnel by offering a free resource on your profile in exchange for their email address.This way, you've not placed affiliate offers on your profile directly, but you have gathered the necessary information to start generating a mailing list for affiliate offers.
The application to use for affiliate marketing on Facebook is called RadicalBuy.

3.Advertising Revenues :
There are a number of people generating revenue through sponsored ads, Facebook Social Ads, and pay per click ads on Facebook. If you end up with a large cross-section of people are friends that might be easy to market for a particular advertiser, then they might be willing to pay you for some sponsored ads, however, this can't be done on Facebook without violating the terms of the service agreement. So, you can still attempt to get advertising revenues from sponsored ads, but they aren't allowed to be put directly on your Facebook profile. They will have to be placed elsewhere, on your personal website, or an outside blog.
The trick is to have them pay for the ad for a period of time, like a month. Then, you have a residual monthly income coming in from a single text link, banner, or button on your other content. You can direct Facebook viewers to your other areas by way of links on your profile, even if the sponsored link is not directly on your Facebook profile.This can generate significant  income from your Facebook profile in a short period of time by buildingrelationships within Facebook first, before you market them elsewhere.

4.Sell Services :
Facebook can be an excellent resource for professionals who sell services. That's because the Internet has made it very easy for people who need your services to connect with you, regardless of whether you are in their geographical location or not. Add to that the technological advancements that make online consulting and teaching very simple, and you can see that there are quite a few advantages to selling services online. The down side of selling services, instead of products, is that your time is limited. If you don't make good use of the technology available to help distribute yourself over multiple platforms in digital format, you could easily find your profits being limited by the amount of time you have. Some of the ways this dilemma can be resolved is to outsource the smaller tasks, so that you can concentrate on the ones that are highly profitable and need your particular attention.
You can sell many different types of services online, but they should resonate with the persona that you've established on Facebook.

5.Create a Facebook Pages :
Facebook pages are similar to profiles except that they are used for businesses, organizations, and a number of different types of interests. You can expect to see a Facebook page about a restaurant just as easily as you might spot a Facebook page on pets. There are several categories to choose from: a local business, a brand or product, or an artist, band, or public figure. The interesting thing about Facebook pages is that you don't necessarily have to be the celebrity to put up a page about your celebrity. 
The Facebook pages works very similar to profile pages except that they are public. They have some of the same features as your profile page like a Wall and the ability to upload files. They also have discussion groups and and a way for fans to join your Facebook page.
The service is free and promoted virally throughout Facebook and even comes up in the search results. The actions that people take on your Facebook page are also integrated in the news feed and thus your product or service can spread virally through word of mouth. If you use Facebook pages in conjunction with Social Ads, you can increase the chances of your product getting viral momentum. To create a Fan Page, visit this

 6. create a Group :
There are two ways to promote your business using groups. You can join an existing group and join in the discussions and at the right moment promote your product. If you do this too much, you will be labeled a spammer, so it's not the best way to promote your business through a group. Another way, which is very effective, is to create your own group. This provides several benefits to joining an existing group. You can control what segment of your demographics to target with a group topic and you can put up your own advertising in the group without offending anyone.
You don't want to create a group about a specific product or service you are offering. No one is going to join an obvious ploy to market your wares. Instead, you will want to choose a topic related to your products or services and then use the group to help you promote your business. For instant I Created a group in facebook called “Best website Design Tips” and the aim of this group is to promote my service which is  and website hosting,Domain name registration and website design service).Hope you got the gist?

Visit this link to

7.The Wall :

The wall is an area of each person's profile where messages can be posted by other people who are visiting the profile. You can put any message you want on the wall and it will be public. You can use this to research the market trends of people's interests and you can also post some message about things that might interest specific people in your circle of friends. Be aware that if you spam the wall consistently with sales ads, you will probably be blocked, and if the staff of Facebook is alerted you could end up being banned from Facebook. An interesting way to use the power of the wall, is to look for people in your circle who have a high number of page views on their profile. These would be people who have a lot of friends or send a lot of activity to the news feeds. That's the only way to tell what type of page views they might be getting. Then, target these people for your comments on their wall in a way that pulls the people viewing back to your profile.

8.Use Facebook Marketplace Application :
Facebook Marketplace, once installed, will offer you a place to list things for sale, housing, jobs, and classified ads. There is even a spot for free stuff too. The opportunities will be divided up by your networks. So, don't be surprised if you don't see everything on your Facebook from the entire site. It is set up to be a community marketplace, so it makes perfect sense to see only those listings from people in your network. That is why you want to setup your network to be the place where you mostly do business, not where you live. It is the basic area where people within Facebook go to do commerce within Facebook. However, it doesn't complete transactions between buyers and sellers. That is done offline between the two parties.

9.Use Facebook  Garage Sale Application :

If you have a whole lot of stuff lying around that you want to get rid of, and don't want to incur fees for listing them on eBay or some other third-party site, you can use the Garage Sale application. There is a commission charged for any sale that you make, but it is only 5%. It will do transaction processing too and your friends can use credit cards to buy the items from you online. This application is still a bit new, however, some people swear by it and others have some trouble installing it.