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Guest Post: Fujifilm S2980 Specification with Price in India


The very well known company Fujifilm has released FinePix S2980 for the photography lovers. With the 3 inch LCD screen, the camera features DSLR kind body, which is the highlight. The 34 megapixel CCD sensor along with the 18x optical zoom lens will coax photography enthusiasts to grab the piece by Fujifilm. The camera offers dual image stabilisation along with the feature of face detection, full manual control as well as tracking autofocus. All those who always desired to own a decent looking camera with zoom lens and viewfinder should pick up the season’s best, Fujifilm FinePix S2980. The camera is powered by AA-size batteries. The optical zoom offered by the brand is the best when it coming to shooting landscapes or close-ups of far-away people or objects. The feature of dual image stabilisation helps the users to take sharpest pictures. 

Shooting modes and other features:

Fujifilm offers a variety of shooting modes to the users. The SR Auto scene recognition helps the user to adjust the settings of the camera automatically. Seasoned and learned photographers can make the most of manual or semi-automatic modes with the help of advanced settings. The camera can detect the face and remove the red-eye effortlessly. Blink detection as well smile and shoot mode are the highlights among the other features. What is interesting about this camera is that it allows the users to tag the photos and share it on their favourite social networking sites, be it YouTube, Facebook, or others. The camera can be easily connected to the computers, laptop or tabs of the users. The users need to run the MyFinePix Studio, software by Fujifilm to automatically upload the pictures to social sites. Interestingly, the users can even assign star ratings to their pictures, so, next time when a particular picture is to be searched, it becomes easy.

Performance of the Mean Machine:

The latest introduction by Fujifilm can record videos offering 720p resolution at 30 fps. The optical zoom is available for the users for the purpose of recording. The camera can be easily attached to HDTV for viewing the recorded videos, which is very interesting and advanced feature. The camera offers complete manual controls and motion panorama too. The camera features the look of DSLR as it comes with rubberised hand grip. The plastic body is well designed allowing the user to handle it in the right manner. The electronic viewfinder makes it easy for the user when it comes to composing pictures in low-light. The camera will be the best for beginners as they can easily use the menu, which is designed in an apt manner making it easy to understand. A variety of buttons offered makes it easy and quick to change the settings, be it face detection, continuous shooting, function button, etc. The user can easily raise the flash by just pressing a button. 

Fujifilm S2980 price in India:

Enthusiasts can own the camera at Fujifilm S2980 price in India is around 10,500 Rupees.

Inside and outside:

The camera runs on alkaline AA batteries, four of them. They can take 300 shots as mentioned but it easily clicked 400 during the testing. The user has the option of changing the batteries and replacing the alkaline ones with lithium or Ni-MH rechargeable ones. The camera offers the users to choose from as many as three modes of colours viz. standard, black and white and chrome as well. The positive points of Fujifilm S2980 are the electronic viewfinder, excellent rubber grip on rear as well as front, the convenience of manual controls, better amount of zoom at the give price. All in all, the camera is an excellent value for money.

About Author:

Lynne is a Camera & Photography Writer. She has been writting many reviews on Latest Cameras.