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You crave to start your online venture? If yes,  then do you think you can be a florishing online venture owner? Yes you can, as I know this for sure. But why MUST you start your own business? The logic why you must start your own online business is also the reason why most folks don't start any business venture.

If you know why you should start your own online business, then how to start will be easy. Every one of us cannot work for someone but every one of us can own a second source of income. The secret of the rich and wealthy is based on several streams of income. While the poor work for money, the rich uses their money to work for them.


Now let me explain this: If you work in a company and keep working for your monthly pay cheque, you are working for money since you work to earn it. Now if you run your own business, you are using your money to work for you. This is because you can employ others to work for you and you pay them for carrying out their duties for you.

The simple reasons why you need to start your own online business is to have financial freedom, work at any time you want to, be in control of your passion, ideas or expertise, and make much more than you earn monthly. The biggest is to be fulfilled in your vision. It will remove you from the craze for 8am to 6pm job syndrome. It will give you the time to be with your family and meet your family's financial and moral obligations and responsibilities too.

You see, no body plans your future for you more than yourself. The action you put today determines your success for tomorrow and the success of your entire family and so you must take the bull by the horn today. So even if you are gainfully and successfully employed, still put it at the back of your mind that you also need a second income.
 As I consult daily, I have seen managers and other group of people who were sitting on the comfort zone with great job portfolio got into financial crisis due to the bank and other financial institution's recapitalization policy (for example) which affected their banks. Most had the opportunity of establishing a second or third income but never did. Today, they are without employment and without a business to fall back to. One of them actually came to me and explained how he had gone through crisis since the unexpected folding of the bank he had worked with. He was a manager with computers and Internet in his office but he never felt that he should know how to use them to his advantage. Today, for desperation, he had to learn it paying large chunk and not thoroughly as it was supposed to be since he was desperate.

One advert that has impressed me is an advert by a GSM Company, which says "Big things Start Small, Start Something today". And to add to it, a renowned writer and author, Rev, Albert Aina, A Pastor with Four Square Gospel Church, in his book, "How To Make Your First Million" said "There are no big Shots Anywhere. Big shots are small shots that keep shooting".  95% of the working class are working to earn a living while the 5% that are classified in the millionaire league are working to earn for living. You must start your own business to be in that league.
And one of such way is to start your own business from home. Those who work in the banks had always reminded me that "there are bank workers and there are bankers". They often joke with me that bankers are the ones who own the bank and that the workers work for bankers. Therefore, the only reason you must start your own business today is to start


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    1. SOTONYE JUDE, That's good to hear. Starting your own Online Business is very crucial, i'm glad you've started something and I know you'll be very well established soon.



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