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How to use your Mtn Bis with SandwichVPN to browse on PC

Recently I made a post which I titled "How To Enjoy Unlimited Browsing On PC/Tablet With MTN BIS Subscription Using PDPROXY" few people testified to it that is working while a lot of people complain that is not working. This post was made as an alternate for the people that are still complaining about my previous post on the Mtn Bis Plan for PC. I won't feel happy if i get to hear that the money you used to subscribe your previous BIS isn't put to use, so instead of letting it waste, just try this method and I pray it works for you too. 

It is not a new thing that you can use PD Proxy, sandwich, Vpn plus to unethically penetrate into the Mtn server as an invisible chairman to break loose your Subscribed Blackberry plan. We have been using them for the very long time, I just wonder when most of people still complain that they unable to use their Mtn blackberry plan with PD Proxy. Anyway, let me quickly introduce you to Sandwich Vpn.

SandwichVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a Tunneling Software. You can use it to surf the net anonymously and securely. It automatically hides your IP address. With this software, you can easily unblock restricted website.

How Can I Use It To Connect With My Mtn Bis Plan? 

1.  Register  here and get a demo account, then Proceed to Download 

  Install it on your system and Run it as an administrator
3. Log in with your username and password, you used to sign up


Note: On Windows 7 users must execute the installer to run as administrator ( right click on the icon and choose run as administrator) On Windows xp users, DOT NET is needed before the SandwichVPN installation
  • During its first run it will ask for a driver install just press yes.
  • Input your username and password on its proper field.
  • Set proper protocol for your area and press connect.
  • Once it connects the software will minimize to system tray and is ready to use
Protocol:  UDP
Server: DEMO 
 N/B: You can only use the server unless you upgrade to premium account.  
Make sure your modem is connected before you hit the SANDWICHVPN connect button.
Please, make sure you leave a comment to encourage me to post more updates like this.

How To Browse On Blackberry Without BIS Subscription

Sometimes, our Blackberry BiS expires and we don't really have enough cash to get back on,

but we just want to browse and seek information online with our normal mb(10mb,20mb data plans) or even with our little credit.

Yes, i will show you how to configure your blackberry to browse without BIS Data Plan.

These Guidelines Will Help You Achieve That:

Goto OPTION >>> enter 'ADVANCE OPTION' then >>>Locate 'TCP/IP'

First, you have to mark APN Settings Enabled then you put the 'APN'(Access Point Network) of the network u are using



ETISALAT: etisalat


Then you scroll down and mark ''APN Authenticaton Enabled''

Now put the username and password of the network APN u are using....

Mtn :username and password is web

Etisalat: username and password is etisalat

Airtel is: username and password is internet

Eg; I am using airtel

Wen you are done. Press your blackberry key and save

Workinq fine on all opera 2go and whatsapp


How to Use Glo BIS on your Andriod Device & PC

If You Are Using An Andriod Phone And Wish To Browse With It It Using The Glo Network,
I Must Say You've Come To The Right Spot . Recently, Glo Bis Started Working On Pc & Andriod Phones.

For GLO BIS to work on your android device You will need to change the APN settings of your Android phone or tablet when you are setting up internet on your Android device.


1. Subscribe to any of the below Glo Mobile BIS on your Glo SIM.

Text "COWEEK" to 777 for N400/week (700MB) plan
Text "COMONTH" to 777 for N1400/month plan (3GB)
You'l Receive An Sms Welcoming You To The You Subscribed For..

2. On your Android device, go to ‘Settings’. Select ‘Wireless & networks’. Scroll down and select ‘Mobile Networks’.

3. Then ‘Access Point Names’, Click the Menu key (looks like four horizontal lines, a square within a square or the word Menu) Then select ‘New apn’

4. Just key in the following Glo BIS Apn and leave every other thing blank

5. Press the Menu key (looks like four horizontal lines, a square within a square or the word Menu) and select Save

6. Press on the grey box or circle to the right of "Glo BIS" and it will fill in with a smaller green dot or tick mark.

That's all.

Turn your device off and on again to start browsing with the Glo BIS on your Android.

How To Browse With Your GLO Bis On PC

To Browse With Your Glo Bis On Pc, You'l Have To Subscribe Using The The Format

1. Insert The FastLink

2. Under Setting, Locate Profiles

3. Use Any Name For Profile.. You Can Use 'Glo Bis'
4. Dial No '*99#"

5. Go To The Place For APN & Insert:

Save & Enjoy!


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