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How to easily and automatically convert your Facebook friends from a Personal Profile to a Business Page

I read in a forum some weeks back on how to transfer or move a personal facebook page to a business page, since i had three various facebook accounts i then decided to give one of my account a try. Immediately i changed my other account containing 631 friends to a fanpage. You can also decide to convert yours to a business page or a music band page, the choice all yours.


UPDATE: Please, be aware of the risks of consequentially moving your contacts from Profile to Page!


Checkout the procedures:

1. You log into your Profile

2. Open a another tab and go to this page:

3. You then find the ‘Migrate a Page’ Facebook page which like the normal ‘Create a Page’ Facebook page.

Facebook Profile to Business Page Migration

You will need to choose the kind of Page you wish to set up. Select Local, Brand,Business or Institution, etc.

After you've made your selection, only your (confirmed) contacts will be converted to people who ‘Like’ your new Page. Also your profile photo will be converted to your new Page.

The other content such as your uploaded photos, your wall content, etc will not be converted to your recent Business Page. So, before you make your choice, make sure you dowload your profile information! Click here to find out how.

Just after you have made your choice and have created your Page, you will still be able to log-in with your original email address and password.

So, you can now select a type of Page and create it!

4. You now see your new Page and the ‘Get started’ screen

Facebook Business Page Get Started Screen

As you can see, your profile picture is converted and your contacts are now converted to ‘Likes’ on your new Business Page.


Anything else you need to know?

Well, yes. It’s good to know that your old Personal Profile now does not exist anymore.

It became a Business Account.

The Business Account is still under your old email address and password. So you can log in to your new Business Page.

The Business Account allows you to adminiter your Pages and run ad campaigns.

Of course you can assign new admins to your Page, as well as operate your new Page ‘as a Page’. Which is one of the changes Facebook made when they launched the redesign of Facebook Pages.

For more information, go to the Facebook Help Center section about ‘Converting your Profile into a Page’.

Alrighty. Hope you all like this tutorial? And for all of you having to convert your Personal Facebook Profile to a Business Page: good luck! Make sure to get come great content flowing!

Now, let me know if you have any challenge moving your contacts to a different page, i'm here to answer your questions and welcome your contributions.. One love!


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