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Control Your PC With Twitter Account

Let's say you hurriedly left the house due to an urgent appointment and while you're halfway far from your beautiful home, it just pops to you, that you forgot to turn-off your Computer/PC leaving your Personal Computer to your Radical Friend that came visiting... If you find yourself in this situation what will you do?

If by chance you've configured or bulit a Remote Desktop, then you'll be quite lucky you have but if you don't have anything like that been set-up, then you might find yourself in quite an unlucky situation because you'll be forced to race back home to secure your computer files which might cause delay and the traffic situation might also not be favourable.
We will be showing you how you can set-up an account using twitter to control and switc-off your Personal computer anywhere you find yourself in the world, using TweetMyPC.

 Command Your Personal Computer Using TweetPC

You can enable this feature on your Personal Computer by heading straight to TweetMyPC to download this application on your Windows PC.
Download TweebMyPC
After download, Just Open file & Install.
After installing, Log-on to your online Twitter page to Set-up
Sign in with Twitter
Input your password & username, & click Authorize App.
PIN would be given to you, please, note this pin.
Pin code
Go straight to your Profile page and paste the pin been given to you and click Ok
insert pin
You are almost ready to start ushering commands to your Twitter Account to control your PC, goto About and choose Basic Command List.
Using the link provided, you'll be ushered to  a page where tou can see various commands like: restart, shutdown, logoff, lock & many more. You'll also see a command for screenshot, for those who want to see what's going on, on your Personal computer while been left at home.
Command List
You will find many commands, all you have to  do is give the command and your Personal Computer will obey. If you want to command Logoff, Stanby simply tweet ‘standby’, & your Personal computer will obey.
 After the instruction is given to your Personal computer, it will then auto-post a tweet status
Once the command is then received, TweetMyPC will accept the instruction with a POP sound.

Did you enjoy this Tutorial? If you really did, i'll love to welcome your comments below and please you can also make use of the share buttons below. Thanks!


  1. datz very great,, i really love to have some like on my mobile,

  2. Amosu Caleb, I appreciate your comment. Thanks for visiting!



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