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Nokia Lumia 920 from MTN

The new generation Nokia Lumia 920 Smartphone comes with the latest Windows 8 OS. It also comes with wireless charging - the revolutionary new way to power your phone.

PureView. Take blur-free photos every time: PureView technology with Carl Zeiss lens captures blur-free videos even if the camera's shaking or in low light. Thanks to its Optical Image Stabilization.
PureMotion display. The best touchscreen ever seen on a smartphone: The PureMotion HD+ display is the world¿s brightest, fastest and most sensitive touchscreen: enough to make every colour clear and sensitive enough to respond to your fingertips, even when they are covered up.
Nokia City Lens. Discover the city around you: With City Lens you can discover all your city has to offer by looking at your camera's viewfinder.
Innovative design. Charge up without plugging in: Now you don¿t need to plug your Nokia Lumia 920 in to charge it. Just put it on a wireless charger and you¿re good to go.
SkyDrive. All your photos, music and files, completely in sync: With SkyDrive, all your Windows apps and files are truly mobile. Sync with your laptop and tablet to access all your files from anywhere.
Comes with:
  • 6 Months FREE Internet
The Nokia Lumia 920 is now available at MTN Stores
  • To activate Free Bundle, text keyword NOKIA to 131.
  • Price: N105,000

Source: mtnonline

How to browse with MTN BIS using Swiftervpn | Nairotech

Happy new month friends and welcome to yet another month of love and hope. It comes to  my notice that most Nigerians still find it challenging accessing the net with their Pc due to MTN high cost of Pc data bundles/plans. For me i can not stay a day without accessing the net both on my Laptop and Phone.  Dunno about you?

I currently use an Andriod Phone, specifically (Samsung Galaxy III) and i also use my MTN BIS with a VPN software to browse without having to Root it. That aside, i wrote a post similar to these last two weeks on How to browse with your MTN BIS via SANDWICHVPN but i only showed you how you can use the Demo servers. The sandwichvpn has very good service but unfortunately i didn't pay for their service but only rocked their Demo account. lol

You can give them a try though, so today let's talk about swiftervpn. Swiftervpn so far is one of the cheapest vpn service i've seen and used so far, not saying cheaper vpn service don't exist but only saying this from the little research i've done. Their services is good, reliable and trusted. I intend paying for Sandwichvpn which cost #600naira, but later i found Swiftervpn was cheaper which cost just #400naira and i opted for it. 

First of all, i visited their site and registered, so after registration i confirmed my Email immediately by activating it and then i downloaded the swiftervpn to my windows 7 system, followed the instructions and guide as you can see below:

NOTE:  You must be subscribed to a Blackberry browsing plan (BIS) to use SWIFTERVPN, please use these link to check out the blackberry plans and choose the one that best suits you, because you can choose the Daily plan of #100naira, Weekly of #500 and Monthly plan of #1,000naira. Click here to see the subscription codes

For windows 7 users , please right click the software and always open as an "Administrator"

                How can i browse with Swiftervpn? 

1). Enter your username and password you filled in the form while Registering, and select UDP as your server and protocol . See the Registration Page Here

2) Now, goto 'Options' tick Enable and select the skin color you'll want to use.

 3) Click "Server Port" and under Remote port 'select' Other and input "500" and under "Locate port" tick 80

 4) When you are done with the above procedures just go back to the main window and click connect, you should see it showing "verifying'' blablabla

5) Waddaaaa, you are now connected and now free to surf with SWIFT access

If you don't know how to configure your modem to browse with Swiftervpn please read this post How To Enjoy Unlimited Browsing On PC/Tablet With MTN BIS Subscription Using PDPROXY because i talked about it there

1] In-case of any connection problem, first check if your modem is connected.
2]Then,click the middle icon of the 3 icons beside the connect button on the vpn
3]You will then click on Remove tap driver, wait for it be bring a message "successfully deleted".
[4]Then click on add tap driver, and wait for the message "successfully added"
5]Then you can close the software, and relaunch it.
6]Then click connect.
7]Sometime you might need to restart your laptop. Please do that.
Happy surfing...

PLEASE, NOTE:  You can goto the Swiftervpn Resellers page to pay for these service, it's just #400naira/month or $2.6/month, you can alternatively pay for 3 months which is just #1,200naira or $8.

Soon, i'll post how you can make $10.5 dollars everyday with the help of swiftervpn so if you don't want to be left out, kindly like our FACEBOOK Fanpage Here and Follow us on Twitter here
Don't just read and walk away, please make sure you comment if you have any contribution or challenge

How to use your Mtn Bis with SandwichVPN to browse on PC

Recently I made a post which I titled "How To Enjoy Unlimited Browsing On PC/Tablet With MTN BIS Subscription Using PDPROXY" few people testified to it that is working while a lot of people complain that is not working. This post was made as an alternate for the people that are still complaining about my previous post on the Mtn Bis Plan for PC. I won't feel happy if i get to hear that the money you used to subscribe your previous BIS isn't put to use, so instead of letting it waste, just try this method and I pray it works for you too. 

It is not a new thing that you can use PD Proxy, sandwich, Vpn plus to unethically penetrate into the Mtn server as an invisible chairman to break loose your Subscribed Blackberry plan. We have been using them for the very long time, I just wonder when most of people still complain that they unable to use their Mtn blackberry plan with PD Proxy. Anyway, let me quickly introduce you to Sandwich Vpn.

SandwichVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a Tunneling Software. You can use it to surf the net anonymously and securely. It automatically hides your IP address. With this software, you can easily unblock restricted website.

How Can I Use It To Connect With My Mtn Bis Plan? 

1.  Register  here and get a demo account, then Proceed to Download 

  Install it on your system and Run it as an administrator
3. Log in with your username and password, you used to sign up


Note: On Windows 7 users must execute the installer to run as administrator ( right click on the icon and choose run as administrator) On Windows xp users, DOT NET is needed before the SandwichVPN installation
  • During its first run it will ask for a driver install just press yes.
  • Input your username and password on its proper field.
  • Set proper protocol for your area and press connect.
  • Once it connects the software will minimize to system tray and is ready to use
Protocol:  UDP
Server: DEMO 
 N/B: You can only use the server unless you upgrade to premium account.  
Make sure your modem is connected before you hit the SANDWICHVPN connect button.
Please, make sure you leave a comment to encourage me to post more updates like this.


Mtn has finally blocked the allowance of tethering blackberry. net on BIS. Which means you can't use your BIS subscription on any other device like PC, Modem, Nokia, iPhone & Android Devices.

Seriously, i've been rocking this cheat for the past 3-4 months and when i noticed it has been blocked, i felt really dissappointed and thought of switching to Etisalat 200MB internet monthly bundle plan.

mtn magic sim

I really rocked the MTN BIS Browsing plan because of the 3G availability coverage on MTN in my area (A Remote Location) where i reside currently. I was traumatized for a week because i was forced to stay off PC browsing which lead to this research and idea i'm dishing out today.  My Friend Bright Vincent i gave the cheat too 2 months ago called to inquire if mine was working immediately his PC stopped browsing.. He just subscribed for a month bundle and had only browsed for two weeks before he was disconnected.. What a horrible experience!

Different people keep complaining that Subscription MTN Bis Is no More working on Non Blackberry Devices.. Today, I can say it loud and clear that Most Heavy Internet users are Browsing on their Laptop using the Blackberry BIS Subscription without the Network stoping them.

To use PD proxy with MTNblackberry services in Nigeria all you need do is:

>> Subscribe for the blackberry Daily/weekly/Monthly Plan..

>> visit and Register Free Account, After that Download PD Proxy Software

>> Configure your modem thus; Apn-blackberry. net || Password/username: web

>> CONFIGURE Your PD-PROXY with Below Settings:

1. After downloading open the the folder and install it.

2. launch the application and input your username and password you created.

3. choose any of the server apart from the demo then select ICMP.

4. goto setting click advance settings

5. click on PROTO OPTIONS & TYPE = 500



runs evry application dat need internet connection!.

For firefox users choose: No proxy

PLEASE,NOTE: The free account is limited to 3Gig /month but the premium account is unlimited. You can Sign up another Account after Exhausting the 3Gig.

Soon, i'll be post how you can use your Andriod Phone with MTN BIS SUBSCRIPTION with a free Andriod app of 1.5mb. If you don't want to miss out on this, kindly like our FACEBOOK Fanpage Here and Follow us on Twitter here

You Turn:

Have you been using the MTN BIS PLAN to browse on your PC, if yes.. how did you feel while been disconnected by the MTN NETWORK and what other alternative have you been been using to surf on your PC before you came across this post???

If you have any problem trying to connect using PD- proxy don't hesitate to comment below and i'll reply immediately with the solution


 I know the  term 'MTN MAGIC SIM' shouldn't sound new expecially to most Nigerian internet addicts, i call them 'The Gurus..' I have for long nursed the idea of posting it online, so my fellow buddies can join the crew of internet geeks enjoying this lovely trick.

The most exciting part of this tutorial i am about to introduce is that some of my friends have been grooving this cheat for the past 4months. After visiting several forums i even got to see  several web and blog owners charging their members to release this trick, but on nairotech you get this absolutely free of charge. I noticed MTN blocked the previous method i used in Configuring my own sim..


  •  AN MTN SIM ( MTN PULSE) - Dial *406# to migrate to MTN PULSE
  •   A RECHARGE CARD OF #300.00   

mtn magic sim


Step One:  Recharge your phone and subscribe to mtn 2 hours plan by sending ''2H to 131''

 Step Two:  Send ''2 to 131'' Leave the the sim for 2mins, Don't browse with the Sim yet, understood?

 Step Three:  Remove Your Battery After ''2 Mins'' and take off your sim for exactly 26hrs, no mistake pls....

 Step Four:  Put the sim back after  26Hrs, then send 106 TO 131 followed by RESET TO 131 then *123*4*2*1#.... you will receive  message that U HAVE INSUFFICIENT TO PERFORM THIS TRANSACTN.



The BlackBerry Absolute, BlackBerry Complete and BlackBerry 10 Bundles are part of a bouquet of innovative Value Added Services specially designed to enrich the lives of our customers. These BlackBerry packages are targeted at customers who desire flexibility in their BlackBerry usage.

BBOS Plans

N1, 500 Monthly BIS
N599 Weekly BBWEEK
N120 Daily BBDAY
N1000 Monthly BBC
N499 Weekly BBCWEEK
N100 Daily BBCDAY
BlackBerry 10 Plans Service Validity Inclusive Data Price Activation Code (SMS) Activation Code (USSD) Benefits
BB10 Maxi Monthly 1.5GB N3,000 Text BBMAXIM to 21600 *216*15# BBM, Internet access, Social Networking, Emails, BlackBerry App world
Weekly 350MB N1,100 Text BBMAXIW to 21600 *216*14#
Daily 50MB N200 Text BBMAXID to 21600 *216*13#
BB10 Midi Monthly 500MB N1,500 Text BBMIDIM to 21600 *216*12#
Weekly 125MB N550 Text BBMIDIW to 21600 *216*11#
Daily 15MB N100 Text BBMIDID to 21600 *216*10#
BB10 Lite Monthly 260MB N1,000 Text BBLITEM to 21600 *216*9#
Weekly 70MB N350 Text BBLITEW to 21600 *216*8#
Daily 10MB N70 Text BBLITED to 21600 *216*7#
Click Here to view BlackBerry® Devices | Click here to learn more about FAQ on Blackberry
Please dial *123# OR Call 180 to find out how to get on any of our BlackBerry® plans.

To check expiry date of your BlackBerry® Service, simply text "STATUS" to "21600"

Blackberry Tips

  • Battery Life: Largest draw on battery life is the transmitter and the backlight, so if you are transmitting a lot, you can expect reduced battery life.
  • Maximize your Home Screen: The home screen of the BlackBerry is where you spend most of your time. There are several websites where free themes can be downloaded. You can start by searching
  • Software Upgrade: log on to and select the software that suits your device

BLACKBERRY USER GUIDE- Helping you to get more from your BlackBerry® from MTN
Setting up personal email accounts on the device

Customers with Blackberry devices; 8700,8100,8300,8320 and 8820 need to use the Email Settings iconto set up their emails. Customers with devices; 8520, 8900, 9000, 9700, 9500s, 9630, 9650s and 9800 to click on the Setup Icon on the phone menu to access the Email Settings.
Note: If the email settings icon is not available, customers should enter the link; from their browser to access the email settings.

Switching Devices and Validating Email Accounts
A customer that changes his/her BlackBerry® device has to follow the following steps to start receiving mails on the device.

  • On the BlackBerry® device, open the Setup Folder or access the URL
  • Click on Email Settings
  • If prompted, enter your login Username and Password and Log in
  • Click on your Validate beside your email address and enter password
  • Click on Next. Your emails will start dropping almost immediately.

Blackberry Browser/ WAP
There are two browsers on the BlackBerry® device namely; Internet and WAP browsers.
Note: The internet browser is free to access nearly all websites without extra charges. A data Intensive site like YouTube attracts additional data charges. The WAP browser is charged for browsing most sites because it's the operator browser on the device.
Customer should make the Internet Browser their default by following the following steps;

  • Click on the Option Icon and select Advanced options
  • Select Browser and change to Internet browser and Save
Service Books
When your emails are not dropping on your BB device, you may need to resend service books to the device. The following steps are required.
Step 1: Hard Reset

  • Remove battery from the device while it's on
  • Replace battery and let the device reboot
Step 2: Register on Network: (If step1 did not solve issue)

  • From the device go to Options
  • Select Advanced Options
  • Select Host Routing Table
  • Click on Menu, then Register Now
Step 3: Send Service Books: (If step 3 did not solve issue)

  • Click on the Email settings or log on to
  • Click Help on the left hand side under settings.
  • Click the link to resend the service book

Source: Mtn Nigeria

Solution to MTN BIS Unlimited Data PROBLEM - REDUCED TO 3GB

We just discovered few weeks ago how MTN NIGERIA  stopped unlimited browsing for MTN Blackberry users, which they limited it to 3gb. Today, i want show our NairoTech Fans how to continue browsing continously without hinderance. This is is to say we got the solution to this issue.                

                              Follow This Easy Steps:
 Immediately your MTN BIS bundle gets exhausted and isn't expired, Just Recharge with N250 in the sim & Text  2H to 131 to subscribe to MTN 2hrs data plan. Well, is suppose to expire in two hours time but it wont expire in 2hrs,  MTN BIS will automatically continue browsing unlimitedly and free till the normal expiring date.

Check it out and leave your comments..
Please, use the comment box.. Enjoy!


Y'ello! Introducing MTN Simple Surf, Hourly Internet Plans for your Laptop & PC, Choose From 2hrs, 20hrs, 100hrs or 300hrs Bundle. The New Internet Plan from MTN (Just Like a Cafe Timing System).

This is a Great Move and a Good Strategy to beat off other Networks, This is a very Suitable Bundle for those that Download Much Online as they can now Download without the Fear of exhausting their Data Bundle or MB, Now you only have to be Time Conscious. Cheers!!!
Checkout the Bundle Plan, Validity Period, Price, Keywork.

Bundle Plan (Time) Validity Period Price Keyword
» 2 Hours
2 Days
» 20 Hours
7 Days
» 100 Hours
30 Days
» 300 Hours
90 Days
To Subscribe to your Preferred Bundle Plan, Load in the Required Amount, Then Text the Keyword to 131 e.g Text 20H to for 20 Hours Data Bundle
NOTE:- From Observation, This New Plan is not Suitable for Mobile Users because you won't enjoy Unlimited Downloads on Mobile within the Bundle Time Frame. The Best for PC Users.


It has been for up to 1½ Year that the NCC has recommended it for all Nigeria Network to perform a sims Card registrations on all their subscribers. SIM registration is meant to help the GSM companies and the Government keep a record of subscribers in the country, it will also make the recovery of lost SIM cards to be easier and also assist law enforcement agencies in tracking down criminals.

And its no longer news that registering of sims is compulsory even late registrations will be charge by the people in charge of it, because i can still remember last week i went to register one of my GLO sim and i keep hearing "it cost #20" not until i register and pay. And some other network like zain cost #50.

How To Know If Your Glo Sim Is Registered.

Send REG to 3456 as a message.

If your line has been registered, you'll receive a message in this format Your SIMCARD +2348071111111 has been registered. Thank You!

How To Know If Your MTN Sim Has Been Registered.
Send REG to 789 in a message.

After sending the text to 789 with your MTN SIM card, you should get a reply confirming or denying that you have been registered. If your sim have been registered, you will get a service message saying "Your number has been registered. Thank you!"

If you are an Airtel or Etisalat Subscriber, You still have to Chill as no Facility has been Created for Such Presently.