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How to browse with MTN BIS using Swiftervpn | Nairotech

Happy new month friends and welcome to yet another month of love and hope. It comes to  my notice that most Nigerians still find it challenging accessing the net with their Pc due to MTN high cost of Pc data bundles/plans. For me i can not stay a day without accessing the net both on my Laptop and Phone.  Dunno about you?

I currently use an Andriod Phone, specifically (Samsung Galaxy III) and i also use my MTN BIS with a VPN software to browse without having to Root it. That aside, i wrote a post similar to these last two weeks on How to browse with your MTN BIS via SANDWICHVPN but i only showed you how you can use the Demo servers. The sandwichvpn has very good service but unfortunately i didn't pay for their service but only rocked their Demo account. lol

You can give them a try though, so today let's talk about swiftervpn. Swiftervpn so far is one of the cheapest vpn service i've seen and used so far, not saying cheaper vpn service don't exist but only saying this from the little research i've done. Their services is good, reliable and trusted. I intend paying for Sandwichvpn which cost #600naira, but later i found Swiftervpn was cheaper which cost just #400naira and i opted for it. 

First of all, i visited their site and registered, so after registration i confirmed my Email immediately by activating it and then i downloaded the swiftervpn to my windows 7 system, followed the instructions and guide as you can see below:

NOTE:  You must be subscribed to a Blackberry browsing plan (BIS) to use SWIFTERVPN, please use these link to check out the blackberry plans and choose the one that best suits you, because you can choose the Daily plan of #100naira, Weekly of #500 and Monthly plan of #1,000naira. Click here to see the subscription codes

For windows 7 users , please right click the software and always open as an "Administrator"

                How can i browse with Swiftervpn? 

1). Enter your username and password you filled in the form while Registering, and select UDP as your server and protocol . See the Registration Page Here

2) Now, goto 'Options' tick Enable and select the skin color you'll want to use.

 3) Click "Server Port" and under Remote port 'select' Other and input "500" and under "Locate port" tick 80

 4) When you are done with the above procedures just go back to the main window and click connect, you should see it showing "verifying'' blablabla

5) Waddaaaa, you are now connected and now free to surf with SWIFT access

If you don't know how to configure your modem to browse with Swiftervpn please read this post How To Enjoy Unlimited Browsing On PC/Tablet With MTN BIS Subscription Using PDPROXY because i talked about it there

1] In-case of any connection problem, first check if your modem is connected.
2]Then,click the middle icon of the 3 icons beside the connect button on the vpn
3]You will then click on Remove tap driver, wait for it be bring a message "successfully deleted".
[4]Then click on add tap driver, and wait for the message "successfully added"
5]Then you can close the software, and relaunch it.
6]Then click connect.
7]Sometime you might need to restart your laptop. Please do that.
Happy surfing...

PLEASE, NOTE:  You can goto the Swiftervpn Resellers page to pay for these service, it's just #400naira/month or $2.6/month, you can alternatively pay for 3 months which is just #1,200naira or $8.

Soon, i'll post how you can make $10.5 dollars everyday with the help of swiftervpn so if you don't want to be left out, kindly like our FACEBOOK Fanpage Here and Follow us on Twitter here
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