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9 ways you can Make Money on Facebook

Making Money from Social Networking Sites Is Quite Easy If We Know or we're are been guided on how to go about it. Most Bloggers make real cash mostly from Social Networking Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest e.t.c... It's Not a New Story that you and me can Generate Real Income from Facebook but for the sakes of people that still don't know how.. We had to compile 9 easy ways to make money on Facebook... Read On...


1. Market Your Own Products If you decide to market a product or service, be sure it is something you stand by and that it resonates with you personally. First, and foremost, Facebook is a social networking platform. If you are selling products that don't appear to resonate with your profile or your mission in life, people will quickly spot you as a marketer and you will not get many people wanting to be your friends. The key is to always market products that you believe in and that   a difference in other people's lives. That way, when they see who is selling an item, it won't reflect badly on you and your Facebook profile. On the Internet you can market your own products at a fraction of the cost it would take to promote them physically from one retail store or outlet to another. Examples of products that do very well on the Internet are virtual products like reports, ebooks, music downloads, photographic content, and anything that you can sell in electronic format that might appeal to someone viewing it online. These products are usually referred to as “info-products.” The nice thing about info-products is that they lend themselves very well to low overhead costs. You can produce one product and it takes no effort to create multiple copies and have them delivered automatically through autoresponders. Your sales cycle is very short and your costs are minimal. You can also market physical products that you deliver in your geographical area or through postal mail. Of course, this takes a lot more effort and you would have to include shipping costs to the price of your product to be able to make a profit. You can even choose to offer your products in several different formats. For instance, maybe some people want the electronic download and others want a physical book.You can offer them a variety of different formats and pricing to find one that suits them. Multilevel marketing can also be done on the Internet and Facebook. If you've found a product that you want to market, then you don't necessarily have to own the rights to produce it, just the rights to distribute it. And,you might find it easier to recruit people in your down line using Facebook.

2.Use Affiliate Marketing :
You can also do affiliate marketing online. This is where someone else pays you to sell their products for them. The commission you receive on the sale will depend on the affiliate offer you are promoting. In some cases, you can get up to 50% of the sale, if you pick the right offers. Here again, you should pick things that resonate with your profile in Facebook. Affiliate marketing links could end up cluttering your profile page, if you included them as website links, and probably people wouldn't appreciate them. So, affiliate marketing on Facebook can be a little tricky. You should be a little stingy with the number of affiliate links you post on your profile or within your status line. This is an area you can update daily with new offers, but if you do it too much, you will turn off people who come to view your profile.
You should also want to start to build a demographic section of people on your email list who are already in your sales funnel from your contacts on Facebook. Once they opt-in to your email list, you can start to contact them about your affiliate offers off the Facebook platform. This means that you might have to also set up some ads within Facebook to generate the cross-section of people that you want to market to. Or, you might start them into your sales funnel by offering a free resource on your profile in exchange for their email address.This way, you've not placed affiliate offers on your profile directly, but you have gathered the necessary information to start generating a mailing list for affiliate offers.
The application to use for affiliate marketing on Facebook is called RadicalBuy.

3.Advertising Revenues :
There are a number of people generating revenue through sponsored ads, Facebook Social Ads, and pay per click ads on Facebook. If you end up with a large cross-section of people are friends that might be easy to market for a particular advertiser, then they might be willing to pay you for some sponsored ads, however, this can't be done on Facebook without violating the terms of the service agreement. So, you can still attempt to get advertising revenues from sponsored ads, but they aren't allowed to be put directly on your Facebook profile. They will have to be placed elsewhere, on your personal website, or an outside blog.
The trick is to have them pay for the ad for a period of time, like a month. Then, you have a residual monthly income coming in from a single text link, banner, or button on your other content. You can direct Facebook viewers to your other areas by way of links on your profile, even if the sponsored link is not directly on your Facebook profile.This can generate significant  income from your Facebook profile in a short period of time by buildingrelationships within Facebook first, before you market them elsewhere.

4.Sell Services :
Facebook can be an excellent resource for professionals who sell services. That's because the Internet has made it very easy for people who need your services to connect with you, regardless of whether you are in their geographical location or not. Add to that the technological advancements that make online consulting and teaching very simple, and you can see that there are quite a few advantages to selling services online. The down side of selling services, instead of products, is that your time is limited. If you don't make good use of the technology available to help distribute yourself over multiple platforms in digital format, you could easily find your profits being limited by the amount of time you have. Some of the ways this dilemma can be resolved is to outsource the smaller tasks, so that you can concentrate on the ones that are highly profitable and need your particular attention.
You can sell many different types of services online, but they should resonate with the persona that you've established on Facebook.

5.Create a Facebook Pages :
Facebook pages are similar to profiles except that they are used for businesses, organizations, and a number of different types of interests. You can expect to see a Facebook page about a restaurant just as easily as you might spot a Facebook page on pets. There are several categories to choose from: a local business, a brand or product, or an artist, band, or public figure. The interesting thing about Facebook pages is that you don't necessarily have to be the celebrity to put up a page about your celebrity. 
The Facebook pages works very similar to profile pages except that they are public. They have some of the same features as your profile page like a Wall and the ability to upload files. They also have discussion groups and and a way for fans to join your Facebook page.
The service is free and promoted virally throughout Facebook and even comes up in the search results. The actions that people take on your Facebook page are also integrated in the news feed and thus your product or service can spread virally through word of mouth. If you use Facebook pages in conjunction with Social Ads, you can increase the chances of your product getting viral momentum. To create a Fan Page, visit this

 6. create a Group :
There are two ways to promote your business using groups. You can join an existing group and join in the discussions and at the right moment promote your product. If you do this too much, you will be labeled a spammer, so it's not the best way to promote your business through a group. Another way, which is very effective, is to create your own group. This provides several benefits to joining an existing group. You can control what segment of your demographics to target with a group topic and you can put up your own advertising in the group without offending anyone.
You don't want to create a group about a specific product or service you are offering. No one is going to join an obvious ploy to market your wares. Instead, you will want to choose a topic related to your products or services and then use the group to help you promote your business. For instant I Created a group in facebook called “Best website Design Tips” and the aim of this group is to promote my service which is  and website hosting,Domain name registration and website design service).Hope you got the gist?

Visit this link to

7.The Wall :

The wall is an area of each person's profile where messages can be posted by other people who are visiting the profile. You can put any message you want on the wall and it will be public. You can use this to research the market trends of people's interests and you can also post some message about things that might interest specific people in your circle of friends. Be aware that if you spam the wall consistently with sales ads, you will probably be blocked, and if the staff of Facebook is alerted you could end up being banned from Facebook. An interesting way to use the power of the wall, is to look for people in your circle who have a high number of page views on their profile. These would be people who have a lot of friends or send a lot of activity to the news feeds. That's the only way to tell what type of page views they might be getting. Then, target these people for your comments on their wall in a way that pulls the people viewing back to your profile.

8.Use Facebook Marketplace Application :
Facebook Marketplace, once installed, will offer you a place to list things for sale, housing, jobs, and classified ads. There is even a spot for free stuff too. The opportunities will be divided up by your networks. So, don't be surprised if you don't see everything on your Facebook from the entire site. It is set up to be a community marketplace, so it makes perfect sense to see only those listings from people in your network. That is why you want to setup your network to be the place where you mostly do business, not where you live. It is the basic area where people within Facebook go to do commerce within Facebook. However, it doesn't complete transactions between buyers and sellers. That is done offline between the two parties.

9.Use Facebook  Garage Sale Application :

If you have a whole lot of stuff lying around that you want to get rid of, and don't want to incur fees for listing them on eBay or some other third-party site, you can use the Garage Sale application. There is a commission charged for any sale that you make, but it is only 5%. It will do transaction processing too and your friends can use credit cards to buy the items from you online. This application is still a bit new, however, some people swear by it and others have some trouble installing it.


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