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How to automatically share your blog post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ e.t.c.

Scheduling blog posts to post when you are out of reach or busy with something else is actually a big relief. And you can agree with me than Social media sites like Facebook, Google +, Twitter are good medium to acquire quick readers, fans and gain loads of traffic to your blog. That's why i promised Charles a Nairotech Blog reader to share this topic. For me, i use Dlvr to automatically post my Blog updates to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. But today, i will focus on a different medium of exporting our blog post to Social media sites.. Just follow the procedures below

Almost every blogger loves to share their new post on social media pages to notify readers, friends and followers about their new post. But some bloggers find it tedious updating their social media pages with latest post.
In this post, I will be sharing with you on how your blog post can automatically be shared on your social media pages immediately your post is made.
At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to automatically feed your twitter, facebook and LinkedIn page with your new post.
How to Get Started

=> Click on “Register Now
=> A Sign Up page comes up, fill in the page and Click on “Create Account
=> Immediately you click on “Create Account” another page comes up
=> In the Feed Name, type in the name of your blog e.g NAIROTECHBLOG
=> In the Blog URL or RSS Feed URL, input your blog url e.g
=> Then click on “Continue to Step 2
=> Select the social media you would like to auto share your blog post and Authenticate your profile page
=> Click on “Create Service” and “All Done! immediately you have successfully Authenticate your social network page
That’s all.
Note: you need to log in your social media page to be able to Authenticate your profile page.



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