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How To Disable CopyNShare - Text Copied Ending With #sthash

The most frequently asked question by our readers is that, they suspected someone (maybe an hacker) is tampering with their blog, because they notice that when they copied any line of text on their blog, it always come with - See more at: The post url #sthash, how can they fix that? This problem also occur on this blog too due to the ShareThis script that was used on this blog. This is not a problem friends, it just another intergration of new tracking feature introduce by Sharethis called CopyNShare.

CopyNShare can be use to track all sharing that occur on your blog when a user copies and paste any line of your blog which always come with a unique #sthashtag after the pasted text.
If you have been using ShareThis widget or our floating bar, then you may experience such bug. All what we need to do is to disable CopyNShare.

How to disable CopyNShare in Wordpress

  • Go to Plugins > ShareThis 
  • Uncheck Enable CopyNShare Beta

  •  Done!

How to disable CopyNShare in Blogger

  • Go to your blogger dashboard
  • Click on Template > Edit HTML > Proceed (Mark/Tick Expand Widget Template)
  • Use ctrl F to find the following line

<script type='text/javascript'>stLight.options({publisher: "xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxxx"});</script>

To find the above code easily, simply search for stLight.options and replace the script above with the following code.

<script type='text/javascript'>stLight.options({onhover:false , doNotHash: true, doNotCopy: true, hashAddressBar: false});</script>

  • Save your template and you are done!

Now you will be able to copy and line of text in your blog without any text ending it. If you have been experiencing any difficulty in using any of our script, we really apologies, everything should now be working fine now. Any queries or suggestions is welcome.

Credits: realcombiz


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