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How to center any Blogger widget in Blogger

I am glad to bring you this topic today because i recently  encountered a challenge based on how to center a widget in my New Entertainment BLOG .
After several trials with no good result, i got exhausted & confused on what step to take. Infact, because of several failed trials i had no choice but to delete the blog severally(3 times) and later succeeded in creating a better Blog. So, are you now convinced that i went through a lot to get this achieved? Ok, let's get down to real business now.

How To Align Your Blogger widget/gadget to the center:

The codes below can be used to align your custom or third party widgets to the center via Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Add Gadget > HTML/Java Scripts 
Option one
<div align="center">Your Widget Code</div>
Option two
<center>Your Widget Code</center>
Option three
<p align="center">Your Widget Code</p>
Simply replace the text in blue with your widget code.

Add the CSS rule to all widgets

The CSS rule below will center all widgets on your blog.  Go to your Blogger dashboard > Template Customise > Advanced > Add CSS and apply to blog.
.widget {text-align: center;}
The CSS rule below will center any one of your widgets.  Replace the text in blue with the widget ID.  Go to your Blogger dashboard > Template Customise > Advanced > Add CSS and apply to blog.
#Your-widget-ID {text-align: center;}

Friend have fun with Tutorial and don't forget to drop your comments and tell us what you think about this trick. Bye for now!



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