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How To Transfer Cash From GTB to Other Banks in Nigeria with ease

Some years ago, i always wanted to transfer funds from my Gtbank savings account to other banks we have in Naija, but was impossible. Unlike UBA Bank that enables transfers to be made using a 3rd party transfer to other banks in Nigeria with just the use of your Savings account, Gtb plc has not yet enabled this feature on there banking platform

How To Transfer Cash From GTB to Other Banks in Nigeria with ease

Just today, i woke just to see a wonderful text from GTB BANK, sorry it was actually an Email. Telling me they just enabled this feature on their platform. woohoo! just what i have waited for this past years.

Right now, I make unlimited transfers on my  UBA, First Bank, Skye, Zenith,  Ecobank, & various  banks in Naija without a Current Account with Gurantee Trust Bank. What a wonderful feeling! Sending and receiving cash has justgot easier.

How can i transfer money with the new GTB Platform?

1. Just visit your Gurantee Trust Bank Internet Banking account at:

2. Click the Transfer button to expand the area & just click the button NEFT Transfer to Other Banks

3.  Now, just fill out the transaction information on the  page. Just before you move on, just add Add Beneficiary.  just click the box just infront of ‘To’ & click  Add New Beneficiary

4. When you are filling every bits of the required details, then you can now transfer whatever money you've wished to transfer to your recipient.

5. They will ask if ttruly you want to make transfers? just reply with a simple Yes option and move on.

6.  Now, the confirmation page is now been brought straight in your face,  just key in the generated Capcha code in the box.

7. Just tap the Submit key & watch your transfer being processed & the cash sent as keyed in..

Gurantee Trust Bank made it feasible that the max amount to be transacted is N500,000. I love this alot.

So, tell me your view on this new Gurantee Trust Bank's Platform and what you think ?
Use the comment box to tell me..


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